EBA companies

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Acrow Formwork and Scaffolding

Action Formwork (Qld) Pty Ltd

Bosform Pty Ltd

Brisbane Formwork Company

Caelli Formwork Qld Pty Ltd

Dolcon Resources

Formwell Constructions

Grooms Constructions Pty Ltd

Henrich Formwork Pty Ltd

Oakdale Queensland Pty Limited

Oneform Pty Ltd

Pacific Formwork Australia

Pryme Pty Ltd

Rapid (QLD) Pty Ltd

TK Formbuild Constructions Pty Ltd

True Form Specialist Pty Ltd

Wideform Pty Ltd

Zico Formwork Pty Ltd




Admiral Concreting (Qld) Pty Ltd

C P Concrete Panels Pty Ltd

Citicrete Pty Ltd

East Coast Concrete

Hally Concreting Pty Ltd

Hards Element Pty Ltd

Keltic Pty Ltd

National Concrete QLD Pty Ltd

QR Concrete  Pty Ltd

QR Contracting Pty Ltd

Sartor Brisbane Concrete Services

Shepherd Contracting  Pty Ltd

TJ Labour Hire Pty Ltd t/a QR Trade Contractors

Tower Consortium Pty Ltd

Tower Consortium (QLD) Pty Limited

Tuskin Group (Queensland) Pty Ltd


Concrete Pumping

Dynamic Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd

Eureka High Rise Concrete Pumping

Pittman Concrete Pumping Service (QLD) Pty Ltd

Pro Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd

Pump Corp (Australia) Pty Ltd

Specialised Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd

St George Concrete Pumping Pty Limited

TLTT  Pty Ltd t.a Classic Concrete Pumping

Traffic Control


Traffic Group Australia

Site Services Group

Aaction Traffic Services



Acme Constructions Pty Ltd

B & B Steel Fixing Pty Ltd

C.I.Nesian Steelfixing Pty Ltd

Cor Services QLD Pty Ltd

Dowells (Steelfixing and Concreting)

Dynamic Steel  Pty Ltd

ISD Major Projects no.1  Pty Ltd

Johnston Contracting Pty Ltd

Mack Steel Fixing Pty Ltd

Queensland Reo Pty Ltd

Qld Steelfixing Pty Ltd

Queensland Steel and Concrete Pty Ltd

Renglade Pty Ltd t.a Ward Fixing


Reo Steelfixing  Pty Ltd

RMH Reinforcing

Steelys QLD Pty Ltd

Talbrace Service Pty Ltd

Top Deck Reinforcing Australia Pty Ltd

Combined Reinforcing Services T.a Ward Fixing

Quefix Constructions Pty Ltd

Quefix Steelfixing Pty Ltd



CTS Contractors

Labour Hire


Christies People

Construct Recruit

Dowell's Building Services Pty Ltd

Global HR Group Pty Ltd

Global HR Pty Ltd

Global Integrated Resources Pty Ltd

Lindores Personnel No.1 Pty Ltd

NSS Construction Pty Ltd T/A Lack Group

Trident Construction Resources Pty Ltd

True Blue Alltrades Recruitment Services Pty Ltd



Acrow Formwork and Scaffolding Pty Ltd

Bell Scaffolding Pty Ltd

Cogent Scaffolding

DB Scaffolding and Rigging NQ Pty Ltd

DB Scaffolding and Rigging Qld Pty Ltd

DLP Scaffolding Pty Ltd

ECB Scaffolding Pty Ltd

Global Industrial Services (AUST) Pty Ltd

Magno Scaffolding Pty Ltd

Major Project Scaffolding

QWS Scaffold Services Pty Ltd

Rovera Scaffolding ACT Pty Ltd

Rovera Scaffolding QLD Pty Ltd

Smartscaff Pty Ltd


TJM Scaffolding (QLD) Pty Ltd

Unispan Australia Pty Ltd

Upperdeck Contractors Pty. Ltd.

Waco Kwikform Limited

Xcel Scaffolding  Pty Ltd



D&G Hoists and cranes

Laurie & Lynda Pearson t.a L & L Crane Hire

LCR Group

Lindores Construction Logistics

Morrow Equipment L.L.C

Southern Star Crane & Hoist Pty Ltd

 Titan Cranes

Uplift Crane Hire (QLD) Pty Ltd

VT Services Pty Ltd



Internal Demolition

MCD Contractors Pty Ltd

The Churinga Trust t/a L & D Contracting

Brownsfield Contracting Pty Ltd / DECC



All Hoist Rigging Pty Ltd

Adfinis Pty Ltd

Beenleigh Steel Fabrications

Casa Engineering (Brisbane) Pty Ltd

HSS Construction Pty Ltd T/A Hosken Site Steel


Gay Constructions Pty Ltd

M & B Rigging (QLD) Pty Ltd

QPI Rigging Pty Ltd

Preston (QLD) Pty Ltd

VTS Rigging Pty Ltd



D & J Harris Corporation Pty ltd

Masterclean Management QLD Pty Ltd T/A Bells Cleaning

Pickwick Group pty Ltd

Robrand Project Support Services

The Berthson Trust t.a Zoom a Broom


Whitsunday Foreign Exchange T/A K.B. Cleaning


Australia Post tensioning Pty Ltd

Australian Prestressing (QLD)

Freyssinet Australia Pty Ltd

JIST Holdings Pty Ltd

Queensland Pre-Stress Pty Ltd


Structural Systems (northern) Pty Ltd

Team Rapt Pty Ltd

Tensioned concrete pty ltd



Anora Foundations Pty Ltd

Piling Contractor Pty Ltd

ASP Piling Pty Ltd



Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd - Northern Building Division

Adco Constructions Pty Ltd

Baulderstone Pty Ltd

Blackwatch Projects Pty Ltd

Broad Construction Services (QLD) Pty Ltd

Brookfield Multiplex Australasia Pty Ltd

CMF Projects Pty Ltd

Cockram Construction Ltd

FKP Constructions Pty Ltd

Gay Constructions Pty Ltd

Glenzeil Pty Ltd

Grocon Constructions QLD Pty Ltd

Hindmarsh Construction Australia Pty Ltd

J Hutchinson Pty Ltd

Laing O'Rourke Australia Construction Pty Limited

Leighton Contractors Pty Limited

Lend Lease Project Management & Construction (Australia) Pty Ltd

Matrix Projects (QLD) Pty Ltd

Mayford Contracting Pty Ltd

Mirvac Constructions (QLD) Pty Limited

PBS Management Company Pty Ltd

Pellicano Builders Pty Ltd

Reed Construction Australia Pty Ltd

Thiess Pty Limited

TMF Constructions Pty Ltd

Watpac Pty Ltd

Westfields Design & Construction Pty Ltd (Queensland)


Walls and Ceilings


Abraham Holdings t.a EIY


Brighton Queensland Pty Ltd

Cree8 Commercial Pty Ltd

CWC Trust t/a Coastline Group

Mewcastle Pty Ltd

North West Commercial Industires (Qld) Pty Ltd

NWCI Pty Ltd

Metro Facades Pty Ltd

Precision Interior Walls and Ceilings Pty Ltd

Scooter Commercial Pty Ltd

Superior Walls & Ceilings (QLD) Pty Ltd

Taf Interna Linings Pty Ltd

The Superseal Group Queensland Pty Ltd

Total Onsite Joinery and Carpentry Pty Ltd

Veal Struck Pty Ltd

Wadsworth Construction Pty Ltd

Wadsworth Contracting Pty Ltd


Concrete Drilling and Cutting


Acala Pty Ltd

Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd

Briscut Pty Ltd t.a Cut and core qld

Concrete Cutting and Sealing Co.

Condrill services Pty Ltd

Creative Concrete Pumping

Cutrite Commercial Pty Ltd

Diamond Drilling and Cutting Pty Ltd

Luckie Holdings t.a Superior Cut & Core

Place Corp (Autsralia) Pty Ltd

Precise Cut and Core Pty Ltd

QLD Concrete Drilling and Sawing

Quick Core Consulting


Concrete Precast


Brisbane Precast

Freshmore (QLD) Pty Ltd T/A Advanced Precast

Concrete Scanning



Pile Capping


DB Farrells

Ausipile Contracting

Piling Contractors Pty Ltd

Wagstaff Piling

Earthmovers - Building


Allroads Projects Pty Ltd

APG Civil & Construction Pty Ltd

Bastmeyer Group Pty Ltd

Bruhul Roadworks & Earthmoving Pty Ltd

Clear Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Everton Excavations

East Arm Civil

Delta (QLD) Pty Ltd

G & H Plant Hire Pty Ltd t/a G & H Plant Hire

Mainland Civil Queensland Pty Ltd

Rosenlund Contractors Pty Ltd

Seldom Earthmoving Pty Ltd

Shamrock Civil Engineering



A.F. Sarri Pty. Ltd

Ankare Enterprises Pty Ltd

Battaglia Industries Pty Ltd

BBC Painting Pty Ltd

Hauser Painters Pty Ltd t.a Faux Finishes

Mapol Nominees Pty Ltd t.a Amalgamated Painting Services

Usher & Son Commercial Coatings Pty Ltd



Alfa Tiling

Architectural Ceramics

Bill Adams Tiling

Echo Tilers

Kardru Commercial

Saba Bros Tiling



Mobile Crane


Queensland Crane Men Pty Ltd t.a Big Lift Crane & Rigging Services

Boom Logistics Pty Ltd

Dexalaw Pty Ltd t/a Hanchard Crane Hire

LCR Group MC

Lindores Construction Logistics Pty Ltd

Metropolitan Carriers Pty Ltd t/a Metro-Lift

Uplift Crane Hire (QLD) Pty Ltd


A1 Waterproofing & Applications Pty Ltd

Ron Hudd Building Services Pty Ltd

S & K Commercial Waterproofing Australia Pty Ltd

Total Coat Water Proofing

Total Waterproofing Projects Pty Ltd (CFMEU Only)

Waterproofing industries




Feenix Balustrades 



F.T.F Pty Ltd

Fugen Masonry QLD Pty Ltd

Julview Pty Ltd t.a Priest and Co

Laspina Trabucco & Co Pty Ltd



Floorcover Queensland

Master Kelwin Floors

Modern Commercial Floor Covering


On-Off Site


Ashmore Joinery

Bradcore Joinery Kitchens

Interfit Retail

Mayneline Kitchens and Joinery

Sun Joinery


Total Contract Services

Australian Joinery Products



JBS Australia

Rapid Metal Developments